FPGA Design

fpga design services

Avid Systems offers customers a unique level of FPGA technical expertise. Combining our knowledge and design experience of high speed FPGA based hardware platforms, our knowledge of digital signal processing and our expertise in FPGA firmware design, we provide a complete solution for our customers’ FPGA design requirements. Whether our customers need FPGA firmware for an Avid Systems platform or a platform of their choice, we can provide the solution. Avid Systems has successfully delivered complex signal processing firmware that is designed using today's high speed interfaces such as 10 Gbps Ethernet, 1Gbps Ethernet, PCIe Gen II, VME, PCI and Aurora.

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Custom Hardware Design

custom heardware design services

The in depth knowledge of Avid Systems’ technical staff in the areas of RF design, high speed digital hardware design, FPGA and DSP based signal processing as well as embedded software design give the company a unique ability to combine these competencies into highly configurable multi-mission systems. Our many designs include: VPX based FPGA processing board, 5 Gsps Coherent DDS modules, and Wireless protocol processing systems. These systems utilize state of the art high speed interfaces including PCIe Gen II, 10 Gbps Ethernet, 1 Gbps Ethernet, and Aurora to name a few. Avid Systems has a proven record of designing and manufacturing high speed printed circuit boards and systems.

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Custom Software Design

custom software design services

Avid Systems’ ability to architect and design software applications spans the spectrum from embedded Linux applications on micro controllers to highest performance servers available. Avid Systems has developed embedded applications for TI OMAP processors, as well as other ARM Cortex-A8 processors. In addition, Avid Systems has developed embedded applications for Freescale PowerQuicc processors and NVidia Graphics Processor. To compliment our embedded systems, Avid Systems also designs and implements Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) that provides feed back and simplified control of complex signal processing hardware.

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