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Wireless Systems: AVS-522

The AVS-522 is a PCI based Software Defined Radio. The AVS-522 is capable of demodulating Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, QPSK, SQPSK (OQPSK), BPSK, QAM, AM, and FM. The AVS-522 is capable of demodulating signals from 1200 bps to 40 Mbps. The AVS-522 digitizes 50 MHz of bandwidth centered at 70 MHz. The receiver is capable of digitally tuning anywhere in the 50 MHz bandwidth. The receiver is capable of decoding Turbo Code, Reed Solomon and Viterbi forward error correction codes. The receiver is controlled by a single board computer over a PCI back plane. Demodulated data can be made available to users over Ethernet via UDP.

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The AVS-522 is a FPGA based software defined radio that can be used to demodulate a large variety of signal types. The AVS-522 has applications high rate communications systems as well as signal intelligence. Since the AVS-522 is FPGA based, new signal processing capabilities can readily be added.

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