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Wireless Systems: AVS-1027

The AVS-1027 Wireless E1 Network Monitor allows users to monitor an E1 up and down link remotely. The AVS-1027 is comprised of the AVS-1025 1 Watt transmitter, and the AVS-1026 receiver. The E1 up and down link are input to the AVS-1025 transmitter where it is packed into a flexible air frame and ½ rate Turbo encoded. The AVS-1026 receiver demodulates the signal, decodes the forward error correction and outputs the E1 up and down link via UDP over an Ethernet connection.

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The AVS-1027 can be used to monitor E1 networks remotely allowing operators to optimize networks and monitor them for efficiency. The AVS-1027 has the ability to forward the received E1 data over Ethernet via UDP. This provides the user with the ability to transmit E1 up and down link to a place with Ethernet connectivity then forward the data to a centralized processing facility for monitoring.

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