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Miscellaneous: AVS-007 & AVS-001

AVS-001 JTAG Adapter Board: The AVS-001 JTAG adapter board is used in cases where printed circuit board real estate is at a premium. The AVS-001 allows bulky JTAG pods that use .1 inch pitch connectors to mate to a .05 inch pitch surface mount connector on the target board. The mating connector comes in various heights to solve any clearance issues on the target board.

AVS-007 SD Card Adapter Board: The AVS-007 SD card adapter board is used in cases where an SD card is needed for initial boot strapping of an embedded processor. In the case where board space is a premium and an SD card is only need to initially load a processor, the AVS-007 will interface the SD card to a .05 inch pitch connector on the target board.

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The AVS-1025 transmitter is made up of the two board set AVS-1025-001 and AVS-1026-002. The AVS-1025 is capable of transmitting 1 Watt of a user selectable modulation type of either Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (CDMA) or QPSK.

The AVS-1025 transmitter can be combined with the AVS-1026 block down converter and the AVS-522 software defined radio demodulator to provide a complete communications link. The complete transmit and receive system is denoted by the model number AVS-1027.

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