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High Speed Digital Design: AVS-1010
(Coherent Direct Digital Synthesizer)

The AVS-1010 is an FPGA based direct digital synthesizer capable of running to clock speeds of 4 GHz. The AVS-1010 provides a coherent continuous output from 15 MHz to 1.5 GHz. The AVS-1010 frequency control is provided through a 51 pin micro D connector. The unit requires +b5V @1.5A and +15V a@330 mA and is supplied via a 9 pin micro D connector.

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The AVS-1010 is a Coherent Direct Digital Synthesizer capable of providing a low spurious synthesized output over a continuous frequency range of 10 MHz to 1.8 GHz. The AVS-1010 is ideal for use in electronic warfare (EW) systems including radar jamming and wide band scanning receivers. In addition, the fast switching speeds and wide band width of the AVS-1010 make it ideal for frequency hopping followers and communication systems.

In addition, the AVS-1010 provides a low phase noise and low spurious output that can be modulated with user supplied data streams. This makes the AVS-1010 ideal for use in microwave synthesizers.

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