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RF Design: AVS-1025-002 (Block Up Converter and Transmitter)

The AVS-1025-002 block up converts up to 40 MHz of bandwidth from a 70 MHz IF input. The AVS-1025 filters and up converts the input IF onto a programmable carrier anywhere from 950 MHz to 1100 MHz in 1 MHz step sizes. The output is then amplified to a maximum transmit power of 1 Watt. Transmit power and center frequency is controlled through a 100 BaseT Ethernet connection. The AVS-1025-002 is typically used in a wireless communications link with the AVS-1026 block down converter. Other frequency ranges are available upon request.

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The AVS-1025 transmitter is made up of the two board set AVS-1025-001 and AVS-1026-002. The AVS-1025 is capable of transmitting 1 Watt of a user selectable modulation type of either Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (CDMA) or QPSK.

The AVS-1025 transmitter can be combined with the AVS-1026 block down converter and the AVS-522 software defined radio demodulator to provide a complete communications link. The complete transmit and receive system is denoted by the model number AVS-1027.

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